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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimisation is a process of optimising your website which helps it to get ranked better – eventually on top of search engine listings for specific keywords you would like to target. For example if you are a lawyer based in London, you’d like to come up on first position when someone types in “lawyer in London”. Obviously it is not easy to achieve this but by working hard alongside a search engine optimisation company with 100% success rate you can achieve this within months. There are many companies to choose from but not all of them can deliver. This is the main issue with optimisation because many people don’t believe it could either bring them enough return on investment or they simply they will get on top of Google naturally.

SEO could be divided into two main sections – on page optimisation and off page optimisation. On Page search engine optimisation is basically improving the look of your website for search engine robots. This involves tweaking Meta information, making the page URLs clean, etc. The content displayed on your website must not be copied from other sources and has to be unique – it also needs to contain keywords specific amount of times within text and have clean headings. All of this on page work and much more is put in place before we move on to off page optimisation.

Second stage of making your website more search engine friendly is the off page work which is mainly about driving robots to your website by working on bookmarks, directories, etc. Relevant links also have to be pointed to your website. Everything needs to be done naturally, using our tools we are able to submit your website to hundreds of directories but this won’t make a massive difference to your campaign because it’s not natural – one person can’t possibly perform this level of work in a single day and Google knows this. It is the same as if you had few hundred links from websites hosted on the same IP address. If this was the case, Google would only see one link not hundreds of them. This is why it is important to work with people who know what they are doing.

Over the years Google has changed the way it decides whether your website is relevant to the specific search terms but be ensured that by doing natural and clean optimisation you can achieve a lot. There are regular updates released by Google which caused many website which have been over-optimised to lose their steady positions. By using white hat techniques we can guarantee that your website will not be affected by any update in the future.