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Website Design – Website Design Company

For the past few years it has been very important for companies to have a high standard website design with easy navigation and friendly user experience. Every company needs one; it is an essential acquisition for every business. Professional online presence can increase your profit but on the other hand, if it is not updated or contain errors it might damage your reputation.

Cross Browser Compatibility

There are many different internet browsers available, the most popular ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera – about 98% of people use these. Obviously there are different browser versions available, add up all of this and be sure that making your website compatible in all of them is a big job.

Business Start-Up packages

We understand that taking your first business steps might be stressful and dificult. We offer business start-up packages for businesses within first year of their trading which include a website and offline marketing – everything you need to become successful in business. Enquire today to find out more.

Free CMS System

As part of our website packages we offer free Content Management System which allows you to update your website anywhere in the world as many times as you need. There are no additional monthly costs involved with an option to have it upgraded to custom built systems developed specifically to meet your needs.

Clean Valid W3C Coding

As part of our website design and development services we always make sure that your website is clean coded with comments to make it easier for any web developer to enhance on your website. Simple image change can become a nightmare if your website has messy coding and no comments.

Domain and Webhosting

All projects we take part in come with free .co.uk domain name of your choice and basic website hosting package which we outsource from a UK based website hosting company. We offer this as standard so that you can be sure that there will not be any extra charges and all our quotes include final prices.

Custom Built Design

All our designs are custom built, we don’t use templates. This ensures that your website is unique and meets your requirements because we believe that ready made website themes can’t offer the same level of professional web design as if the website was custom built.

Website design is simply a process of creating a website to meet clients’ requirements. We think that this is a very important aspect of your online presence. Imagine having an ice cream shop where all your ice creams are in clean pans, nicely shaped and the front glass of your cabinet has just been cleaned. This would definitely attract more customers and therefore boost your sales. It is the same with having a website online – if it is nice and clean, your customers spend more time on it and therefore you have a higher chance of doing business with them and converting curious visitors into loyal customers. That is also why we as a website design company believe that being unique is very important as every company has specific needs which cannot really be fulfilled by a website design template.

Don’t forget it is crucial that your website can be found on search engines, the higher your position is, the higher chance of being successful you have. Billions of searches are done on Google every month; people tend to do an online research first before going out and spend their money. That is just another reason why website design is a key part of your marketing.

Whatever your business needs might be we are ready to help you and deliver any kind of project based on your requirements. Many people approach us with a vision to move around few objects on the home page change some colours and update the content. That is fine but often it is better to drop the current design and rethink it entirely. Put it this way, would you rather buy from a company which has very poor and not updated website or from a company that has a fantastic looking online presence offering a really enjoyable user experience? Most of the people would choose the second option – this is because it’s almost impossible to build a trust by having a fake looking website. Think about this before you make a final decision with regards to your online marketing and website design company you are going to be using. We have many years of experience and not only that, we know how to build you a website that looks good and works for your customers as well.

To sum up, all our packages include:

JH webstudio Ltd. is a website design company proudly using the latest industry standard Adobe Web Premium CS5.5 tools such as:

adobe products

These enable us to deliver a professional design and web development work within few days. All the designs that leave our studio are entirely custom built – no templates are used. All of our websites come with free domain name, webhosting, content management system, search engine optimization and much more. No other company offers high quality bespoke design with added features and that is not all – our websites meet W3C CSS and XHTML standards.