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Website Development – Website Development Company

Web development is any work involved in creation of a website, it is everything but not the design. This includes coding, writing mark-up, website security, and content management system or e-commerce development – everything that goes on behind the scenes of a website. This could mean creating a small one-page website or even large e-commerce solution.

Or it could be a web application which is like a dynamic website that allows you to log in and access or manage data – typical example is an online banking. While doing our work, we as a website development company consider every aspect which could influence your site’s performance. There is an awful lot of websites out there, which may look brilliant but don’t really work or don’t generate any relevant traffic.

Website development process:

1. Initial Call or E-mail – explain what you need

First of all, we need as much information as possible. Whether you e-mail us or explain what you need over the phone, it doesn’t matter. This helps us to understand your requirements and the project goals which are very important in order to ensure that the project is successful. We send you a quick questionnaire which we kindly ask you to fill in and state what you think your achievements are. Based on this data, we are ready to produce a custom quote for our work.

2. Specification and budget – quote provided

Assume that the specification and design brief have been received, we already know what you need and we are able to provide you with a specific quote which will not change during the time we work together providing that the specifications don’t change either. We sign a contract in which our work is explained in details and we also provide you with an estimated time it takes us to deliver the project. We treat deadlines very seriously and if we ever happen to deliver late, you will receive compensation.

3. Design – website design draft created

Based on research about you and your company, we mock up few pages of your new website. Brain storming takes place at our website development company and if we are happy about the design drafts, we send these to you for a review. Remember you can ask us to change anything at this stage; we want to make sure that you are happy about the website as well.

4. Building – your design is turned into a website code

We now turn the design into a clean website code and we set up your Content Management System and database if required. The core website functions and applications are created following given requirements. The client is involved at this stage of web development as well to see the progress or ask us to make any amends should any be needed. We will deliver iteratively until you are satisfied with finished product.

5. Testing – website has no errors and is easy to navigate through

The website is launched on our servers and we test it on all major browsers making sure that there are no coding errors and on-site Search Engine Optimisation takes place. We consider website visitors and make sure the navigation is easy and straight forward to understand. We tweak Meta titles, descriptions and make the website easy for search engine robots to read through as well.

6. Content – your text and images are inserted into your website

By now you should have the content ready and we add this to your website within 5 working days. If you wish to create any more pages, you can do so using your Content Management System which also enables you to change images or text.

7. Final stage – website launch

We send you an invoice and launch the website on your domain name. We then explain to you how to use your Management system and check your website visitor statistics. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them now or anytime later.

JH webstudio Ltd. is a website development company offering the best level of services with little bit of extra that no other company can offer. We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 for most of our projects; we also make sure that all our work is well presented with comments and W3C valid.